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  Name Title Group Contact
Jason Brouwer Brouwer, Jason Board Member Board Member
Wade Damhof Damhof, Wade Board Member Board Member
Shana Duininck Duininck, Shana Board Member Board Member
Neil Graves Graves, Neil Board Member Board Member
Josh Lundeen Lundeen, Josh Board Member Board Member
Nate Marcus Marcus, Nate Board Member Board Member
Susanne Mulder Mulder, Susanne Board Member
Lanne Roelofs Roelofs, Lanne Board Member
Tim Slagter Slagter, Tim Board Member Board Member
Jason Ver Steeg Ver Steeg, Jason Board Member

Board Member        

Jason Brouwer
Term Expires 2021
Vice- President / Alumni

Wade Damhof
Term Expires 2019

Shana Duininck
Term Expires 2020

Neil Graves
Term Expires 2019
President / Development

Josh Lundeen
Term Expires 2020
Treasurer / Finance

Nate Marcus
Term Expires 2019
Secretary / New2You

Susanne Mulder
Term Expires 2021

Lanne Roelofs
Term Expires 2021

Tim Slagter
Term Expires 2020

Jason Ver Steeg
Term Expires 2021


Executive Team

Four Board members comprise this team: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary

Board President

Presides over Board meetings, creates Board agenda in concert with the Superintendent, and votes only to break a tie; functions as the head of the Executive Board

Board Vice President

Provides back-up for the President and serves on the Executive Board

Board Treasurer

Provides leadership to the finance team; builds and monitors budget with the Superintendent; also serves on the Executive Board

Board Secretary

Keeps minutes of all Board meetings and official correspondence; also serves on the Executive Board