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Alumni Committee

Members: Jason Brouwer, Josh Slagter, Darci Post, Michelle Schwitters (Admin Member)

The purpose of this committee is to develop and deepen alumni engagement to support the mission and goals of Central MN Christian School.

Athletic Committee

Members: Ben Donner, Jessica Bulthuis, Joe Vander Ark, Trisha Mulder, Brandon Haan (Admin Member) & Susanne Mulder (Board Representative)

This team works in concert with the Athletic Director to oversee the administration and culture of the athletic program at Central MN Christian School. This team interviews and oversees coaches consider pairing options and provides support to the Athletic Director.

Busing Committee

Members: Rod De Boer, David Daugherty, Joel TeBrake, Roger Wubben & Lanne Roelofs (Board Representative)

This team works alongside the Superintendent and bus director to ensure that buses are available, operable, and are staffed. Routes are determined by this team also. Recommendations regarding purchase and/or lease come from this team.

Development/Promotions Committee

Members: Ben Donner, Kami Schneiderman, Michelle Schwitters (Admin Member) & Neil Graves (Board Representative)

The purpose of the Development/Promotions Team is to reflect the mission of Central Minnesota Christian School through the efforts of the development office by building and sustaining relations with student families, donors, and constituent body at large through creating and executing various, strategic mediums of communications and events that reflect faith, family, quality, investment, and service.

Education Committee

Members: Rhonda Slagter, Christy Groen, Laura Joustra, Lori Braem, Marit Rheinheimer (Admin Member) & Shana Duininck (Board Representative)

The purpose of the education committee is to review our current educational curriculum and track progress toward educational goals. This team also addresses items such as standardized testing, curriculum, technology advances, class structure and organization, and a variety of other tasks related directly to education.

Finance Committee

Members: Greg Bonnema, Brennin Molden, Ben Taatjes, Anne Groen (Admin Member), Mindy Grannes & Josh Lundeen (Board Representatives)

The finance team reviews Central MN Christian financials and tracks progress toward the budget.  This team also creates and presents a budget to the full Board.

Harvest Festival Committee

Members:  Lori Braem, Carring Moorlag, Trisha Mulder, Angie Rausch, Jolene Schlegel, Elizabeth Taatjes, Sarah Van Beek, Jenna Wieberdink

The purpose of this committee is to organize and facilitate our Harvest Festival fundraiser event held every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Maintenance Committee

Members: Greg Punt, Kyle Sportel, Scott Hankel,  Jason Ver Steeg (Board Representative) & Tim Slagter (Board Representative)

The maintenance team works in concert with the Superintendent and the head custodian tracks building issues and projects. This team also oversees and assists with the evaluation of janitorial staff.

Parents' Club Committee

Members: Mindy Grannes (President), Andrea Daugherty (Vice President), Heidi Meyer (Secretary), Stephanie Van Eps (Treasurer) and Natalie Vander Beek (Vicar)

This leadership team consists of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and the vicar, who are elected by Central MN Christian parents at the Annual Parents' Club meeting held immediately preceding the Annual Meeting in April of each year. Leadership serves 2-year term. They manage expenditures for non-budgeted items, host the annual senior/parent banquet, and honor administration/staff during appreciation week.

New 2 You Committee

Members: Ryan Moorlag, Kris TeBrake, Aimee TeBrake, Sandy Wubben, Karla Schwitters, Ben Dehmlow (Admin Member) & Nate Marcus (Board Representative)

This is an outside team that includes a Board member liaison between the store and the Board.  The team is responsible for staffing recommendations, finances, and building needs of New 2 You.  It is the mission of the New 2 You Thrift Store to raise funds for Central Minnesota Christian School through the selling of tax-deductible donations received from generous people throughout our community, and in doing so promote Christian stewardship principles and make a positive difference in God’s Kingdom.

Building Steering Committee

Members: Bruce Hanson, Lee Duininck, Tricia Nelson, Jill Haan (Capital Campaign Coordinator), Larry Marcus, Jeremy Duininck, Mike Mulder, Ben Taatjes, Jason Schwitters, Michelle Schwitters (Admin Member) & Josh Lundeen (Board Representative)

Continuing Education Committee

Members: Marit Rheinheimer (Admin Member), Rhonda Slagter, Amber Brouwer, Heather Daugherty, Heather Groen, Laura Joustra, Heidi Link

This committee gives input and feedback on past and future staff development, particularly as it relates to licensure requirements. The committee also reviews and approves continuing education clock hours completed by teachers toward maintaining their state licenses.

Technology Committee

Members: Scott Buteyn, Kevin Wassenaar, Laura Joustra, Ron Bulthuis, Randy Groen (Admin Member), & Wade Damhof (Board Representative)

This team works in cooperation with the administration and the Technology Director to evaluate and maintain the technology needs of the school.  This includes facility networking equipment & infrastructure, Internet service, phone system, software packages, staff computers, audio/video equipment & services, student laptops & tablets, and any other technology resources needed to operate the school and equip our staff & students.

School Improvement Committee

Members: Becky Graves, Laura Joustra, Brandon Haan (Admin), Travis Vander Woude, Marit Rheinheimer (Admin), Michelle Schwitters (Admin)& Wade Damhof

Spiritual Encouragement Committee

Members: Lanae Bulthuis, Jason Schwitters, Mary Ahrenholz, Brian DeGroot, Garrett Hovland, & Larry Van Otterloo (Admin Member) Encourages and spreads prayer support for all aspects of the campaign and building project.